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Bio Digesters

The bio-toilet consists of an easy to install super-structure, a multi-chambered matriced bio-tank that holds the bacterial culture and supports the treatment of human waste. The system doesn’t need any external energy for treatment, rather gives out pathogen-free effluent water that is apt for gardening and similar purposes; and biogas that could be used for cooking or heating. The system meets all regulatory and environmentally compliances and enhances the socio-environmental fabric of India.

Moreover, the bio digester technology was initially developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the defence personnel.The enterprise is pioneering this, in an integrated approach, and taking this effective and innovative sanitation solution to the civil population with varying applications.

Features Of Our Toilets

  • Wide applicability

  • Maintenance free

  • Effluent water recyclable

  • Pathogen reduction: > 99%

  • Suitable for any geo-climatic condition

  • Minimizes water consumption

  • Customized & easily adoptable

  • Organic waste Reduction : >99%

  • Environment – friendly & cost effective

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Know More About Epsilon's Bio Digester Tanks

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Ready To Install

Bio Digester Tanks

Our Bio Digester Tanks are Ready to Install and Cost Effective

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