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Proper sanitation facilities (for example, toilets and latrines) promote health because they allow people to dispose of their waste appropriately. Throughout the developing world, many people do not have access to suitable sanitation facilities, resulting in improper waste disposal.

Clean, safe toilets have the potential to transform sanitation and health for millions of people. We support government efforts to build more toilets in India. However, we’ve seen that just because people have a toilet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will use it. The toilets may not function, and they may not be maintained or hygienic. That’s why our main focus is on encouraging people to use toilets where they are available and to keep them clean to prevent disease, particularly in schools.

  • Quick & Easy to Install

  • Can be easily transported as per the need

  • Best suitable for large scale events and gatherings in remote areas

  • Easy to maintain and hygiene friendly

  • Durable & Long Lasting

  • Available in both Indian & Western styles

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Durable with proven tests.

  • Minimalistic design ensures lesser repair work and easier replacement parts.

  • Cost efficient.

  • Option for a translucent roof makes better lighting possible.

  • Anti-slip floor to make the user feel secure.

  • Made of eco-friendly recyclable material.

Features Of Our Toilets

Ecolet 1.jpg

Toilets which are Prefabricated and easy to Install


Fully Customizable Toilets

Epsilon Ecolets

Our Prefabricated toilets are fully customizable and are available in variants of Indian, Western seat styles!

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