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Prefabricated Residential Structures

Epsilon Prefab is a leading manufacturer of Prefabricated Houses. These prefabricated houses are truly manufactured by using polyurethane foam material as puff and the pre painted galvanized sheet. These houses are of high quality and custom-ed base product. These prefabricated houses come with prefabricated doors, sliding doors, pack house, roofing sheet. All these accessories are internationally proved material, the component of house used repeat to give more shelf life.


  • Quick to install, High build quality

  • Robust construction, Customisable

  • No Compromise of materials and finish flexibilities

  • Modern Designs, Maintenance Free

  • Available in Fire Proof option

  • Cost Effective

  • Low Life-Risk during natural calamities

Get to know more about our different Residential Structure Options



Planning for a weekend home/farmhouse? Container Homes are Best Options!

Pre-Fabricated Residential

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