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Epsilon v/s COVID-19

Popular, Prompt and Practical solutions provider in Prefabricated structures 

Epsilon prefab salutes the fighting spirit of the Indian government, medical staff innumerable municipal & health workers and the police & the defence personnel engaged in fighting pandemic corona.

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Transforming lives through a healing touch

Epsilon group, the leader in the field of Prefabricated structures, D.R.D.O & W.H.O recommended walk through the Disinfectant chamber, sanitisation tunnels, PEBs, Bunkhouse Toilets, rotomoulded PVC Toilets, Mobile Toilet Van, Quality Sanitations systems, Packaged SewageTreatment Plants, Water storage Solutions and Septic tanks.

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When the Corona spread became imminent, the Epsilon group swung into action and developed and supplied quickly the following systems: 


Prefab treatment centre 


prefab health clinics &  primary health centre


Ultrasonic foggers


The Heart of any disinfectant chamber/ walkthrough tunnel

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Prefab toilet systems 


Modular, quick and portable toilet systems 


      Prefab isolation centre


  prefab quarantine centre            with all amenities

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Disinfectant Chemicals

Generic version of the globally accepted  DuPont Chemical Virkon. By the name “Epsikon Sani Cov


Sanitisation Chambers 


Spray, Mist and even the most effective Fogging systems

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Prefab testing booths 


prefab container homes for people who are working on the field

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The PEB hospital system


Quick to make relief hospitals

Detailed Comparision of different types of disinfecting systems 

Our products meet all the guidelines provided by D.R.D.O

In-depth details of our disinfectant chemical and why is it the right choice for this pandemic.

Chemistry behind our disinfectant 

Portable sanitation systems and why we are one of the best in this field 






Made in collaboration with D.R.D.O as per their specifications and for them,

as per the stringent guidelines of W.H.O 


Made in collaboration with ISRO as per their specifications and for them,

as per their stringent guidelines  


Innovative fogging system & DuPont standard generic disinfectant chemical delivered  through 

Quality consistent system, 


Quality product and prompt services is the hallmark of  Epsilon 


 prompt and precise solution from a well-galvanized team 

Gujrat Police Thro CSR

fogging tunnel placed at almost all police stations to disinfect the mass visitors

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